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My Drawing - Dragon . . . .

A Dragon
Dragon drawn by me . . . .

The Directionless Directions . . . .

The confusion of vision,
The thing we say,
The paranoid illusion,
Is showing us the way,
The directionless direction,
To the profound space,
Moving swift without motion,
No more shining face,
No more awkward fashion,
Just a directionless direction,
To the space full of nothing,
With some traces of emotions,
A space where nothing fills everything,
A space within our complex mind,
With some scraps of naked truth,
Large, but somehow hard to find,
Grilled with thought of rising youth,
The directionless direction,
To the space causing everything,
the result of which is this creation,
Which may mean to you nothing...

A Poem . . . .

Writing a poem
A poets rhyme that never rhymes,
a guilt rising after a chain of crimes.
A thought in mind lurking about,
a voice in heart craving to come out.
An un-understandable phrase,
that drives in a lot of praise.
A creative play of thoughts,
that can beautify even moon's blots.
An unbound flight of words,
flying high, higher than birds.
Some kind of unnurtured imagination,
its a person's emotional creation.
A voice from inside our soul,
a direction pointing to our goal.
A substitute of facial expression,
a written account of our emotion.
A justified creation of a crazy mind,
rarely born and hard to find.
Some creepy truth that rises fear,
or incomplete love that brings down tear.
An expression of the cries unheard,
a mental speech of a speechless bird.
A weapon with no explosive,
but a great damage which can give,
no bloodshed, just a hallucination,
which can destroy a whole nation.
The most powerful creation of a human,
which can eat up every devil, every demon.
A tool to make a dead speak,
it takes your emotions to a peak,
this is what I say a poem.
That is why I write 'A Poem' . . . .

Past And Present Of Sonia Gandhi . . .

Sonia Gandhi
History of Sonia Gandhi: There is officially NO Sonia Gandhi. Her real name in passport is neither Gandhi nor Sonia. Its Edvige Antonia Albina Maino. Sonia is aRussian name and not italian. However, Antonia is an italian name and her passport is Italian. Though she has married Rajiv Gandhi, she neveraccepted change of title officially. (recall the time of turmoil in Indian politics when Sonia Gandhi was trying to be the prime minister, but ultimately Manmohan Singh became her toy).

Father: Stefano Eugene Maino is socially the father of Sonia. Her father was a German (hitlers army). When Hitlers army went to russia they were captured and imprisoned. He was captured near St. Petersburgh and was imprisoned for 20 years. But he became a member of KGB and his imprisonment was limited to 4 years. When he came back from prison he gave russian name to his daughters. Social father because when she was born her father was in jail for 4 years. Biological father is unconfirmed.Birthplace: Sonia claims she was born in Besano, near Turin in Italy. However, as per her birth certificate, She is actually born is Luciana, in the borders of Switzerland. A resort town for German soldiers during war.

Education: She initially put forward to Indian Govt. that she studied inCambridge University which proved to be fake. She submitted anaffidavit that she studied English in Bell Education trust at Cambridge. Even this was proven to be fake and was found she never got any education after class five. She was a young girl with no formal education living five years in England.
Citizenship: She has not given off her Italian citizenship. 

Indira Gandhi used her power to issue her an Indian Citizenship so that she can join Indian politics. She is holding an illegal citizenship in India. No action is being taken by Home Minister.
Bank Balance: Rajiv Gandhi and his family owned 2 billion USD inSwiss Bank as on November,1991. Beneficiary of death of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi was Sonia Gandhi.

Family: Sonia's sister Alexandria (or Anuska) has 2 shops in Italy selling antiques stolen from India. Sonia used her power to smuggle Indian artifacts through Air India flights un-inspected. Sonia's son Rahul Gandhi, whose real name is Raul Vinci. He got admitted to Harvard in quota but was thrown off soon because he was incompetent. He has italian citizenship since his mother never gave up her citizenship. He cannot officially become the citizen of India or any politician in india as long as he doesnt give up hisitalian citizenship. Arrested in Boston airport for carrying 160,000 dollars cash, accompanied by Veronique (Spanish). veronique is the daughter of Drug mafia leader. Rahul has also been accused for gang raping Sukanya Devi, whose petition to all courts in India have been rejected due to their political hold and the whereabouts of the family is unknown. However, the information is widely available online. Sonia rules only through dynastic right, sans responsibility.

The mask: Arun Shourie has effectively ripped the mask off Sonia Gandhi, who became an Indian simply by entering Indira Gandhi's house after her marriage to Rajiv Gandhi. How she has laid control over the Government of India as UPA Chairperson is a story wrapped in mysteries to shame the Indian public.

Husband: Rajiv Gandhi actually Rajiv Khan, being the son of Firoz Jehangir and Indira Priyadarshani. Gandhi is an assumed title to sentimentally lure Indians for their political benefit.

Few mysteries

Mystery 1: Sonia married Rajiv on 25 February, 1968 but she applied for Indian citizenship only ten years later, on 7 April, 1983.

Mystery 2: Sonia got her citizenship on 30 April, 1983, but her name made its way to the electoral as of 1 January, 1983. If any ordinary person were to proceed in the same way, he would be up for stern prosecution. Thus laws are not equal for all citizens.

Mystery 3: Mystery gets compounded. How Sonia Gandhi secured shares in two of their family concerns: Maruti Technical Services Pvt. Ltd. (in 1970 and again in 1974), and Maruti Heavy Vehicles (in 1974). The acquisition of these shares was in contravention of the very Act that Mrs Gandhi used to such diabolic effect in persecuting her political opponents, the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1973.

Mystery 4: Without having any known sources of income Sonia Gandhi has become the controller of largest empires of property and patronage in Delhi.

Mystery 5: Without any elementary qualification she has been heading principal institutions in India that had been set up for research and is run entirely on grants from the Government.

Mystery 6: She continues to have complete control over governmental assets of incalculable value and has converted them into a private fief through absolute fraud.

Mystery 7: The Government resources are being misused to promote herself, her family and their political aspirations. A mere summarized look at the various schemes being run after the names of Nehru Gandhi. Please note that list is endless and schemes named after Kamla Nehru, Motilal Nehru and Sanjay Gandhi have not been included.

Mystery 8: Was this woman really sick or has been making the country sick? It is not her private affair when countrymen are paying for her treatment. Why she could not be treated in India and why Government is keeping as a state secret?

Mystery 9: The biggest mystery is why opposition parties are taking such national insult lying down?

An uneducated Italian lady is ruling the people, taking away their freedoms, dividing it, looting it to the hilt, imposing an idiot on the nation as crown prince, with her son-in-law quickly become the richest person in the world, with looted funds that can last thousands generations safely provided for by Indians with all security, but not one of the 1.2 billion poor Indians can know, nor can they dare open their mouth. All patriotic persons should voice their protest.

Hindus should not be that much tolerant to people who are tyrant and who want to rule the country by cheating. Ordinary people voted for Muslim Nehru – Gandhi family thinking they are Hindus as they adopted Gandhi word with their names. People voted for Sonia due to our feeling of sympathy that she is a Bahu who lost her husband, while she deceives wearing a Sari and Bindi and talks grand deceiving talk.

If you feed milk to a poisonous snake, it will generate more poison. Let us think and tolerate and show our grandness for those who are suffering the most in our country, not these wretched and fascist people.

Let us not have any illusion about this woman. Hindus try to be grand even when it is not our loved ones, even when it is not the one we care, but we must first put every helpless and affected millions as one of your family and then show our grandness to cheaters, tyrants and bitches.

My Drawing - Beautiful Girl . . . .

Beautiful girl
A Girl drawn by me in a boring physics class . . . . 

4G - All you need to know . . .

4G released in India on 10th April, 2012 . . .
Bharti Airtel on Tuesday become the first company in India to offer high-speed Internet services using fourth-generation (4G) telecommunications technology.

The company said high-speed wireless broadband "has the potential to transform India" and to provide a platform for "building the country's digital economy."

4G launched in India

What's new in 4G technology?

4G, known as the ultra-broadband allows mobile phone users to surf the Internet, video conference and download music, video and other content at a rate several times faster than 3G services that are still being rolled out across the country.

A successor to the 3G and 2G families, 4G is expected to be five times quicker than 3G services. It would offer services such as high-definition mobile TV and video conferencing.

Analysts say India's rural areas offer huge market potential but erecting infrastructure to support high-speed networks will be costly, making urban areas the immediate battlegrounds for customers.

Mittal said that the TD-LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology adopted by Airtel would be the platform for future broadband revolution.

"We hope that this technology would be emulated and followed by those who got Braodband Wireless Access (BWA) licenses," he said at the launch event.

Airtel's 4G services

"Today's launch is a major milestone for India and Airtel," Bharti Airtel chairman Sunil Mittal said in a statement on 10th April, 2012.

Bharti rolled out the 4G wireless broadband services in Kolkata and is working on launching advanced technology networks in other parts of the country. Bharti Airtel will shortly roll them out in the other three circles of Karnataka, Punjab and Maharashtra (excluding Mumbai).

"We will launch the 4G LTE service in Bangalore this month, followed by Pune and Chandigarh," Bharti Airtel Chairman Sunil Mittal said.

With one of the largest pools of young people in the world, India will see massive growth in consumption of data and content over mobile devices and proliferation of mobile commerce, analysts say.

Bharti and its rivals paid a total Rs 38,543 crore ($7.5 billion) to buy fourth-generation (4G) wireless broadband spectrum in a 2010 auction, which saw bids at much higher prices than initially expected.

Bharti managed to win 4G spectrum in just four of India's 22 telecoms zones in the auction, paying Rs 3,314 crore for spectrum in the Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kolkata and Punjab zones.

The network for rolling out Airtel's 4G LTE services in the city had been built by Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE. Airtel is the first mobile operator to launch 4G services in the country. Bharti Airtel has already awarded the contract for building and operating its 4G network in Maharashtra to Nokia Siemens Networks.

Article taken from here

Airtel 3G Hack 2012 For Unlimited Free Internet in High Speed | Free Download Airtel 3G Hacking Software

Airtel 3G

Hello all my Friends, in this post i am telling you about the airtel 3g hack or free gprs internet trick. by using this airtel
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BSNL 3G Hack 2012 For Unlimited Free Gprs | Latest Bsnl Hacking Tricks


All Bsnl users new working 3G connection launched by bharathi india Bsnl cellone connection available in prepaid card also so i examined many test with Bsnl accessing free 3G internet connection in both mobile and pc and found new trick by changing the 3G connection settings initially have an 3G sim and activated

GPRS or 3G connection should be activated in your mobile also supported

using this new following connection for free

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Service Type 1 WAP
Gateway IP : 1
Port no : 1 : 9209.
Timeout: NEVER
CSD No.1
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APN setting:
User Name : ppp
Password : ppp123

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Masterpeice . . . .


With a brush in my hand, 
today I stand on the sand.
forth me is the waving sea, 
flying gulls and the shells so free. 

I stand their with a canvas blank, 
what to draw, my mind not frank, 
should it be a bird perching free, 
or just the scene in front of me? ? ? 

I don't know actually, what to do? 
Noones there whom I ask this to, 
oh great lord, please help me out, 
tell me what I should draw about? ? ? 

Apple falling on newton's head, 
or slepping beauty laying on bed? ? ? 
What to draw, I don't know, 
nor anyone's here to tell me so. 

Should I draw paris's Eiffel tower, 
or it be mona lisa taking shower? ? ? 
Hell and heaven I can draw, 
or the dreamland that I just saw. 

How about Taj Mahal of India? ? ? 
Or a man with some kind of phobia? ? ? 
Something great I want to draw, 
something which the world never saw. 

Something better than Leonardo sir, 
better than Mona Lisa, though I admire her. 
It can be as small as the buzzing bees, 
but it should be my MASTERPEICE....



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Love Me . . . .

Love Me

I want to walk with you hand in hand,
without shoes, barefooted on beach sand.
I want to embrace you, hug you hard,
I want the world to pace up and time to retard.
I wish to live with you always,
and spend with you nights and days.
I promise to live for, die for you,
even to leave you alone if you want me to.
But please think of me, my beating heart,
its like a child, and not so smart....

Without you my heart is freezes & bleeds,
you are the one who can fullfill all my needs.
You are my love, you are my life,
but them too you hurt like a blunt knife.
You are so delicate, but too mean,
anyone like you I have never seen.
Why do you always try to ignore me,
as if you have never known me?
No reason for this I ever get to see,
but I believe, that someday you will understand me....

How Robert Vadra become millionare . . .

TATAs took 100 years to become billionaire, Ambanis took 50 years(after utilizing all its resources), where as Robert Vadra took less than 10 years to become fastest multi billionaire.
Robert Vadra's Companies
All newspapers are scared to discuss the story of Robert Vadra because of severe threat from Sonia Gandhi and Congress government.
After Robert Vadra got married with Priyanka Gandhi, Robert's father committed suicide under mysterious circumstances, his brother found dead in his delhi residence and his sister found dead in mysterious car accident. These reports were not published in any Indian media.
He is having stakes in Malls in premier locations of India, he is having stakes in DLF IPL, and DLF itself. He was involved in CWG corruption - DLF was responsible for development of commonwealth games, and Kalmadi gave favoritism to DLF because of Robert Vadra's direct interest and business partnership with DLF.
Robert Vadra owns many Hilton Hotels including Hilton Gardens New Delhi.
Robert Vadra's association with Kolkata Knight Ryders has never been reported by Indian media.
He has 20% ownership in Unitech, Biggest beneficiary ownership of 2G Scam. Because of Robert's involvement in this scam, there are concerns that investigation would never reach decisive conclusion.
He owns prime property in India specially commercial hubs, and taxi business but for Air Taxi. He owns few private planes as well.
He has direct link with Italian businessman Quatrochi. Ottavio Quattrocchi is an Italian businessman who was being sought until early 2009 in India for criminal charges for acting as a conduit for bribes in the Bofors scandal.

My Drawing - Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore . . . .

Gurudev - Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath tagore drawn by me . . . .


Some eye opener for you. You should take out 5min. to read this for yourself and your children / generations to come:

Sonia Says
Mrs. Sonia Gandhi
1. 5th std. educated
2. Italian citizen name: Antonia Maino
3. Was a waitress. She met Rajiv Gandhi, who was enrolled in Trinity College at the University of Cambridge in 1965 at a Greek restaurant (Varsity Restaurant) while working there, as a waitress to make ends meet
4. Then sales executive in UK
5. Holds a fake degree in English of Cambridge university
This is the qualification of the lady, who is governing India (beneficiary of 6 biggest scams in Indian history including Boforce, KGB, 2G, Equity sales fraud, Hawala and Swiss accounts). Sonia Gandhi is currently in Switzerland not in USA to move their black money from their Swiss accounts. She and Congress are fooling people of India that she is in USA for some surgery/operation. She can have an operation/surgery in India also. India has worlds’ best hospitals and medical facilities available now. She can even call any doctor from world to India as visiting doctor to take opinion on her surgery/operation but as it is all fake story to fool India and its innocent people to transfer Black money before Indian people demands government to act and get it black money back to India. Government is also protracted and not acting on black money now till all politicians take out their money from their Swiss accounts.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi:
1. With 3 cases outside India caught high on cocaine
2. Had failed in Hindi
3. Uses his mothers surname outside India and holds dual passports which are a big crime
4. Having a Columbian girlfriend, whose is a daughter of a drug mafia

Rahul Has Fake Degree

You should also come out from wrong notion of Congress and Gandhi. It is not at all related to Mahatma Gandhi the father of Nation.

Mrs. Indira Gandhi:
1. Daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru
2. She was named Indira Priyadarshini Nehru.
3. She fell in love and decided to marry Feroze Khan, a family friend.
4. Feroze Khan’s father, Nawab Khan, was a Muslim, and mother was a Persian Muslim.
5. Jawaharlal Nehru did not approve of the inter-caste marriage for political reasons
6. If Indira Nehru were to marry a Muslim she would loose the possibility of becoming the heir to the future Nehru dynasty.
7. At this juncture, according to one story, Mahatma Gandhi intervened and adopted Feroze Khan, gave him his last name (family name/caste name) and got the name of Feroz Khan changed to Feroz Gandhi by an affidavit in England.
8. Thus, Feroze Khan became Feroze Gandhi.
9. The Indira Gandhi was not Gandhi but Indira gained the surname "Gandhi" by her marriage to Feroze Gandhi.
10. She had no relation to Mahatma Gandhi, either by blood or marriage.

Congress: Congress which is led by such a wrong people is not at all going to do anything good for India.

Please do not depend and leave things on politicians and leaders you elect specially of Congress party. Take active participation in Politics and be an active member in creation of better India for our generations to come. Please open your eyes, mind and if you want India to be the best country in the World, we/ ourselves only will have to work for that. Please do not get trapped into false and future dreams being shown and presented by your corrupt/criminal politicians. Go into depth and use your power of voting wisely.


Downtrodden - A Creation Of Frustration . . . .

Tell me my dear,
what should I do ? ? ?
Do you think I should,
hit you, thrash you,
crush you, or curse you ? ? ?
just tell me,
what should I do to you ? ? ?
You did all,
what you should not do,
to me, to my heart.
You took away from me,
everything you want.
And left for me nothing,
nothing at all.
you gave me things,
you don't need,
misery, pain and all.
A robber, a thief,
thats what you are.
But you gave me something,
something I had lost,
something I needed,
something I had urge for,
you gave me the rage,
the disasterous anger.
That gave me power,
power to fight you back.
so, I am coming,
to take back my things,
and to give you back,
whatever you gave me.
dipressed, distressed and disgraced,
today I am enraged,
burning hot in fury,
running wild in wrath.
ready to burn you alive,
or just stick a knife,
in you, in your heart.
Grind you or tear you apart,
tell me, just let me know,
a reason, why should I leave you alive ? ? ?
For using me more ? ? ?
Or pissing me off ? ? ?
Tell me what to do to you,
grind you, smash you,
bury you or burn you ? ? ?
or just let you,
to stab me on my back,
or should I go,
climb to a height,
and fall back from there,
and give up blood,
free up my soul,
and end up everything.
Just let me know . . . .

Dilemma Of Perception . . .

Dilemma of perception
The unknown dilemma of perception,
The in-heroic creed of jurisdiction,
THe unpathetic pathetic works,
Of the inhuman human lurks.
Creepy darkness of the blinded sense,
The boiling heat behind the fence,
The frozen fire in the warrior,
Guilt-free crime rising the fear.
The unknown, unwanted human creation,
Is giving rise to the animated destruction.
Homo-Sapiens busy running the death race,
With no time to admire the infant face,
OF the freedom, with the broken heart,
Stepped upon and torn apart . . . .
The timeless time running past,
The heartless heart beating fast,
Countryside dirt better than townly filth,
Bewaring our minds of its falling health.
Something unpleasant crawling to happen,
So I took out the ink and my pen,
To warn you of the upcoming calamity,
Unnatural, but with great surity,
Which if trigerred will be unstoppable,
Ones executed, will be unbeatable,
A creation of human mind,
To stop it some method we should find.
The unrespected me in us we should awake,
And crash the attitude, the show off just a fake,
Wake up the human, the warrior within,
A new revolution, we have to begin,
To begin this world one new mesaage we need to send,
With this line my rhyme comes to an end . . . .

My Drawing - Emma Watson . . . .

Emma Watson
Emma Watson drawn by me . . . .

Ashoka - The Warrior Becomes Meek . . .

Emperor Ashoka

"Oh! king of the kings, my emperor"
said the minister witha sign of terror,
"Kalinga still remains uncaptured,
Its still a free perching bird."
"What's the problem, let it be free,
it's a tiny nation why don't you see?"
said the emperor with great wisdom.
then the minister spoke with respect some,
"Your father led a quest,
and tried out his best,
to capture that nation,
and bring it in relation,
but he got badly defeated."
hearing this ashoka's mind beated,
He pulled out his sword,
"I swear in name of good lord,
that filthy nation I wil crush,
pull you weapons, we have to rush.
Wake your army, the elephants, the horses,
and lead a quest, with huge forces,
against that evil dictator,
swear on the name of the creator,
that either we win or else die,
shout this loud, give a cry.
let those enemies know,
and bow their heads low.
Let them shiver with terror,
and se the rise of a warrior,
just put your heart and soul,
to bring that state in our control.
Let's step on those filty insects,
and crush the nation which infects,
our self respect, our prosperity,
just shoe them our cruel hospitality."
Thus spoke the enraged king,
whose rhymes we noe sing.
The great emperor, noble Ashoka,
whose name is capable to invoke,
courage and power to fight,
who had enormously large insight.
His army took up arrows and bows,
and settle themselves in proper rows,
with aroar they set on a war,
with Kalinga, a state to far.
Two powers met over at fields,
and swords tore enemies shieds.
Thousands of soldiers fell down dead,
many laid down without a head.
The city drowned in a flood,
flowed down in river of blood.
many mothers lost their son,
many saw their last sun,
hundreds of soldiers lost their lives,
city saw many mourning wifes.
A decision due to Ashoka's rage,
led a great war to engage,
which resulted in a great destruction,
and thousands of mind sdrowned in frustration.
even after these great massacres,
kalinga didn't call back the attackers,
so the war still didn't end,
more soldiers Ashoka did send.
more blood dropped on the fields,
city saw more broken shields.
At last a head fell down,
and Ashoka picked up the crown,
king of kalinga had fell down dead,
and slept forever on his death bed.
Then the emperor gave a sigh of relief,
after dropping a montain of grief,
on the native, the citizens of kalinga,
who once merrily used to sing,
the energetic songs of life,
and were never afraid of knife,
now shivered at name of war.
And were afraid of going to far,
away from their house their home,
coz the armoured soldiers roam.
They were afraid of getting killed,
this fear in mind Ashoka had build.
Then Ashoke came to examine the city,
seeing its condition he felt pity,
drops of tear fell from his eyes,
everyone saw that a emperor too cries.
mercy now dwelled on his merciless face,
dissatisfied and disillutioned by his kingdom chase,
he knelt down and picked some mud,
his hands stained red, full of blood.
He ordered his men to retreat,
and he fell down on queens feet.
"Oh good lady! I am the one,
who killed your husband, and your son,
I know I can't be forgived for the crime,
the deed I have done, but with passing time,
I will try to make up for what I have done,
this is my promise, I swear of the sun,
If you want to punish me, take this sword,
chop my head, and give it to lord.
I was out of my mind to do such a thing,
but I swear, soon prosperity I will bring,
The great lord Buddha I will preach,
peace, prosperity and serenity I will teach."
hearing this spoke the queen,
"A warrior like you, I have never seen,
an hour ago you had thirst for kingdom,
and now you talk of great wisdom.
I never saw a heart so pure,
no other king ever tries to cure,
the pain and misery they use to bring,
rather they force their peaple to sing,
songs of their greatness and thier name,
which brings them a lot of fake fame.
Ashoka, your name will also rise,
above the clouds, above the skies.
coz kings like you are born very few.
that is why today I forgive you . . ."
After that the warrior became meek,
King Ashoka went away to seek,
teachings from the buddhist sages,
who had been in peace for ages.
Later he returned a just and wise king,
whose name till now we use to sing,
A emperor who preached non-violence,
who in him had a great balance,
of power and wisdom, Ashoka was the king,
for whom today, this rhyme I sing . . .

Minutes To Midnight || Prologue . . .

Minutes To Midnight - The Runaway

Minutes To Midnight - Cover page

Prologue :-

“Sir, where should I take you?”

“Err… Take me to the airport, and take the long route please. I will pay you extra”

“OK! Sir”

I don’t know why I told the driver to take the long but I just told… I think because I didn’t know actually I was to go or maybe to change my mind of going to airport. Maybe something else… but I seriously didn’t know where to go. I have everything in my life (name, fame, money everything) but I don’t have anything that a person needs to be happy (family, friends), nothing at all. That time I had nothing in my mind what to do.

I opened my bag and took out a book. The cover page showed ‘The child under the tree by Anurag Kumar’. This book was the bestseller in India, not only in India but in other countries too. And the writer was on seventh sky. Very rich, famous and loved by everyone and that was no-one other than me. Yes, I am Anurag Kumar, you humble servant. Some years ago I dreamt of all that I have today name, fame, riches and all such filth and that time I had something I dream of today family, friends, relatives and many such necessities that I don’t have now.

Six years ago I did something I am paying for till today. I wish I should never had done that. I wish I could fly back in time and undo what I did years back. All this started about ten years ago...


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Detect keylogger hardware to prevent your sensitive personal data from falling into the wrong hands. If criminals get your personal data, they can use it to open accounts and transfer money from existing accounts.

Run anti-spyware software to learn how to detect keyloggers.
A good anti-spyware or anti-virus program may be able to detect keyloggers. Keyloggers typically hide in sneaky places, and a good anti-virus program that constantly updates its virus definitions can keep track of the latest keylogger tactics. Also, keyloggers function in ways that send red flags to anti-virus programs, so installing these programs, keeping their virus definitions up-to-date and running them regularly can help you detect software keyloggers.

Check your Task List and Startup items to find keyloggers.
If you press the Ctrl + Alt + Del buttons simultaneously, it brings up a Task List, which outlines all the applications and processes currently running on your computer. Many of these processes are normal, and your computer requires them to function. However,

keylogging software has to show up on your application or processes list, so do a Web search for any unfamiliar processes or software to determine whether it's a normal part of Windows operation or whether it may be a keylogger. Likewise, you can run the msconfig utility to determine what starts up when you boot your computer. Once you launch msconfig, look for anything unfamiliar that might be a keylogger.

Have an active, secure firewall to stop keyloggers from transmitting data.
Software keyloggers require an Internet connection to transmit the data they gather from your computer. If you've got an active, secure firewall, keyloggers may not be able to transmit data, thus forming an effective way to block keyloggers. Some firewall programs even alert you when unfamiliar programs attempt to use your Internet access, so you can use this feature to discover whether keyloggers exist on your computer. Maintain an active firewall to help protect yourself from potentially dangerous keyloggers.

You can't detect some types of keylogger hardware.
Hardware keyloggers can be a bit more difficult to detect than software keyloggers. In most cases, hardware keyloggers don't require an Internet connection to transmit data, because they function by storing the data on a little hard drive packaged with the device. If a keylogger is not a software program on your computer, the only way you can detect it is by physically locating the hardware device.
Keylogger hardware come in two forms: adaptors that sit between your keyboard and your computer, and electronic chips that are placed inside your keyboard. If you're a savvy computer user, you may be able to spot the physical adaptor between your keyboard and computer. However, a hardware keylogger chip that's physically built into your keyboard is impossible to detect unless you disassemble your keyboard and know exactly what you're seeing, so you may not be able to detect this type of keylogger.

Strange Creature Found In Thailand . . .

I was surfing through web when I got through this, and found it worth sharing with my friends. So, I am here with this interesting and strange creature on my blog. Check it out . . .

I don’t think these photos requires any special comment. These are fantastic world news worthy of headlining any newspaper around the world. This creature, was found on Thailand, its strangely shaped body leaves a lot of mastery around it . The photographer has captured with his camera a truly unique and amazing moment, and got himself a fantastic photographs that make up a great story.

As all good mysteries it happens in far away from the technology wonders of the modern society in Thailand. You can see a lot of local folks in the background of these photos that seem to worship this creature they have “found”. The end result is an even more absurd and even humorous scene. They managed to get me even more amazed by this baby powder and juices they brought as a tribute to this creature. They have even brought a fan to keep it well preserved for the scientists.

Lets turn to the main subject, or should I say object, of this photo series the fantastically colored and shaped body of the creature. There has been a lot of debates about what this creature might be and that is exactly the beauty of mystery, the inability to solve it. It might be some kind of strange animal, it even looks like a mythical creature. Honestly I don’t know what to think about this event. These photographs do raise more questions than answers…

Strange Creature - Pic 1

Strange Creature - Pic 2

Strange Creature - Pic 3

Strange Creature - Pic 4

Stange Creature - Pic 5

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