Damini, we will change . . .

After waking up sleeping people of India now Damini herself sleeps forever. May her soul rest in peace...

You are not dead Damini, you are and will always be alive in our hearts. Thanks for waking us up...

We will try to teach your culprits a good lesson and show them hell on this earth. We will try to ensure that no other sister of ours have to face what you had to face...

At last sufferings of Damini came to an end. Today morning she left her body for her ultimate journey to heaven. Reports tell she died due to multiple organ failure. But actually she did not die due to the reason stated in the report. She died because our Country's law failed, Police failed, doctors failed, politics failed, justice failed, law and order failed, U failed, I Failed! This is not a Republic - ITS A RAPEUBLIC...

Now, the main question: Who is responsible for all this???

Almost everyone reading this will answer that Indian government and Indian police are responsible for this. But do we really think that only they are to be blamed for this??? I don't think so. We are equally responsible for this. We always protest after the evil has been done, we never protest when the evil is being done. We never say a thing when we see some guy whistling or commenting on some girl, we just see and ignore as if nothing has happened. And when that same guy rapes or murders any girl then suddenly she becomes our sister and we jump on streets with posters and candles. Why is it so that we are always late??? Why we need our sisters to be raped and murdered to wake us up??? Why???

We need an answer for this WHY. When we get the answer and accordingly change ourselves then I ensure that there will be no rape cases, no more Damini will have to meet such a death. 

We need to change
We need to change, and we have to change so that no more Damini looses her PURITY...

Rest in peace 'Daughter of India', we will now change...

Raped . . .

"India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage . . ." 
Above are some lines we used to hymn during our assembly (remember the school pledge???). But you know what? Nothing is true in the above pledge. I am not proud of my country.  Not because this country is not good but due to the type of people we have to live with in this country. We pledge 'ALL INDIANS ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS'. If all Indians are brothers and sisters then how 23-year-old 'Amanat' (NOT her real name) was gang raped in Delhi??? I know no one can give a correct answer to this question. Whatever . . . I don't owe any answer. 

Some words for our own Delhi Police:

What do you think of yourselves??? You are not our masters you are social servants (our servants), don't forget this. I would like to tell you that you won't be enjoying popcorn in theater when your sister has been raped (I hope). You will fight for her and that's what all others are doing. Then why the hell are you stopping them??? Why are you beating them up??? Are you waiting for your sister to be raped??? Ah... Be worthy idiots, be worthy... 

I don't think government is paying you for this. And if it is paying you for this shit, then I will like to remind you that you have the power. Instead of using that power on innocent people use that on government. Be Humans. We trust you, please don't break our trust. It really hurts. Show your might to the convicts not us or be ready to face an uprising, This time not only from Delhi but from whole of India. Only then you will see whats you real worth. You have some powers but we people of India are more powerful than you. Remember this . . . 

See this picture . . . Hope, this will remind you of the evil you have done...

Dark face of our own DELHI POLICE

Some words for our respected Government Officials:

Are you blind and deaf at the same time??? Let us know, we will try to fix your eyes and ears. Can't you see whats going on??? Cant you see the burning country??? Or you want some heat to warm you up??? Don't you hear the cries of our brothers and sisters???
Don't just sit and stare. It was not a street act that you saw at India Gate. It was anger against you... It was concern for that unlucky girl who became victim of some dirty minds. Just place your daughter or sister in her place for a second, then I hope you will feel her pain and agony. Don't be dumb, do something other than being a spectator. If you cant do anything then hand us the convicts we know exactly what to do with them . . .

And please, please let us feel that we are in a Independent Country. We were in same condition when under British rule. The only difference is that, that time we were tortured by strangers and now we are tortured by our own people. It hurts . . .
British Rule Vs Government Rule

*Information Below has been taken from site of NDTV


On her sixth day in hospital, 23-year-old 'Amanat' has shown signs of improvement according to doctors who have been treating her since she was gang-raped, and beaten along with her friend who tried to protect her on a moving bus in the heart of Delhi.


With doctors satisfied that her condition is improving, she met with a senior police official and a sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) last night.

She said that she was standing at a bus stop with her friend, a software engineer, when a chartered bus, the kind that is used often to supplement public transport in Delhi, pulled up. A man on the bus told 'Amanat' and her friend that the bus was headed towards where she lived. The couple boarded the bus at around 9.30 pm. But 3-4 minutes later, the young woman's friend got suspicious as the bus was moving in a route different than what they intended to take. He also raised an objection after the accused shut the door of the bus.

Soon after, the six men - all accused - started taunting the two on how they were out together at night. This led to a scuffle between 'Amanat's' friend and the rest. This is when two of the accused took her to the back of the bus even as her friend was hit on his head by Ram Singh, the main accused and the driver of the bus. While he fell unconscious, the 33-year-old bus driver went to the back of the bus and first raped 'Amanat'. She told the cops that the accused were threatening to throw her off the bus while she was being subjected to the torture. The nightmare, 'Amanat' told the police, lasted for around 30 minutes.

The 23-year-old has also told the police that the accused had, initially, wanted to throw her male friend out of the bus when the fight began. But they desisted and later, finding both the young woman and her friend unconscious, threw them out of the bus at Mahipalpur on the outskirts of Delhi. She has also told the police that the accused took off their clothes and also took away their belongings.

The Devil . . .

A unknown, unwanted aspect of me,
a pitch dark space as deep as sea,
the piercing cry of a broken heart,
creeping down to tear me apart . . . .

Full of aggression, regression,
the indestructible creation,
is the shadow raising parallel to me,
high up in dark, which you cant see . . . .

I feel the pain, and the scrotching heat,
of the raising flame and the burning sheet,
anger, jelousy, hatred and all,
empowers it and makes me fall . . . .

But then too, its a part of me,
I want it to leave and set me free,
its a inhuman human, that I see,
my dark side more powerfull than me . . . .

Just Like That . . . .

Just like that
I want to live,
I want to die,
I want to reach above the sky.
Above the earth,
I want to fly,
Though impossible, I want to try.
I want to jump,
I want to roll,
I want to seperate my body from my soul.
I want to crawl,
I want to run,
I want to shine brighter than sun.
I want to love,
I want to hate,
I want to win and defeat my fate.
I want to die,
and take rebirth,
as a illusion on a seperate earth.
I want pleasure,
I want pain,
I want to run madly in rain.
I want to smile,
I want to frown,
take my bike and hit the town.
I want to stare,
I want to blink,
I want to mind, nothing to think.
I want to scream,
I want to shout,
on a lonely road I want to roam about.
I want to take,
I want to give,
a cheerfull life I want to live.
I want to laugh,
I want to cry,
this poem will make your mind fry.
I had less,
but plenty of time,
So, just like that, I wrote this rhyme . . . .

Indian Education System

"Our indian education system leaves a lot to be desired. Some days ago, there was fire in my college due to some mishap (Thanks god the fire was not big). There was a fire extinguisher in the room but no-one tried to use it to kill the fire instead they ran to fetch water and thus created unnecessary chaos. The reason behind not using the fire extinguisher was that no-one actually knew how to use it. I bet, everyone in the room knew the working principle of fire extinguisher but didn't knew how to make it work. Seriously, our universities ought to prepare our youth better if we are to compete on a global level in years to come."

Chances are that you too don't know how to use a fire extinguisher. But if someone asks you how a fire extinguisher works you will say fire extinguishers contain high pressure carbon dioxide in the liquid form. When this gas is suddenly released on a fire, the gas expands by a huge amount, thereby reducing its temperature. In addition, carbon dioxide is heavier than air, so it settles down. This means that fire extinguishers work by removing heat and also oxygen supply to the fire, and thus they are effective in extinguishing fires. Wow, nice to know that youth of India are now intelligent enough to tell the working principle of a fire extinguisher. But should I really be proud of this??? I don't think so.

Image Courtesy: Crawlindai.com
Are there problems in our education system?

Oh hell, YES. Our education system itself is a problem. 
People say they are educated they have knowledge, but what's the point in having knowledge if we can't use it on time? 

Actually the fault is not ours, its our education system that is to be held responsible. Schools are provided with books and a syllabus that is to be completed in a year. And so teachers are always in a hurry to finish the course in time. And the greatest problem is that every parent wants a engineer or a doctor in the house as if there is no more profession left in this damn world. For this, child has to get good marks in exam. Teachers want marks, parents want marks, everyone want marks. Now if this is everything that everyone wants then why not the child want marks?

So, now getting marks is the only trend in schools and colleges. Children now mug up things instead of understanding them. This is because if they mug up things then only thing they will have to do in exam is to vomit out everything they mugged up from the book. And thus they learn a lot of things but never learn to apply them. An example of this you read in first paragraph of this post. 

Focus is just to mug and score, not to design, innovate or do something out of the box. This attitude, is lacking even in the premier institutes like the IITs. We never try to do anything new. When we are given projects what do we do? Download a copy from internet or just borrow one from any senior. No-one is bothered to play a fair game. Now, this is what our education system is giving us. Nothing...

Ethics are not taught at all! At least in my school, I have never witnessed anything promoting ethical values. I have seen people getting happy just because they ran out of the coffee shop without paying bills (I used to, I no more do so). I have seen people breaking test tubes and beakers just for fun! I have seen ‘teachers’ indulging in mal-practices. We say we are more ethical than the Western countries. Really? Are we? I believe we really need something like the NRCVEE, that needs to be properly developed and taken up seriously.

What can we do now?
We are never late for anything. We can still change the things. First of all teachers should teach how to apply things not only force students to mug up the things. Secondly, parents should not force their ward to become only engineers or doctors. They should let their children decide what they want to be. Thirdly, government should try to learn from education systems of other developed nations. They should run awareness programs for parents to let them know other scopes of job according to talents of their wards. Fourthly, children should not run only behind the marks, they should try to enhance and improve the thing they are good at. 

If we are able to do these little things then we will get real intelligent youth for India and not donkeys . . .

Sorry, if I went a little harsh but that's my way of telling the truth . . .


School life VS College life
When I was in school, I wished to be in college as in television we see college students enjoying their lives more than we enjoy in school. Now, when I am finally in college, I want my school life back coz now I have come to know that everything that we see in television is no right, reality is always different. My school life was lot more better than my present college life. From last two months I am busy with all my daily assignments, projects and all the stuff than I get in college. So, I am getting very less time to spend on blogger or any other social sites. Nor I am getting any time to write, though I have plenty of topics in my mind. In school I had plenty of time to enjoy even after completing all my works, but here I am free only on sundays. So, as I have got some time to spare today, I am posting this UNTITLED post just to keep my blog running till I get some time to type my thoughts on a word document... 

So, my dear readers please bear with me. I will be back soon. Till then, BYE...

The Stellar Nights . . . .

Stellar Night
The DAY passes, arrives the beautiful NIGHT.
Laying on the grass I enjoy the charming sight, 
Of the stars beyond the clouds so high, 
I pass the night gazing at the DOTTED sky.

Walking BAREFOOTED, on the grass so neat, 
I enjoy the dew drops, KISSING myfeet.
At every glance changes the TWINKLING stars.
And excites my urge to FLY that far.

Enjoying the DEW and the steady cool BREEZE, 
The DANCING flower and the WAVING trees.
The BLOTTED moon and the stars so bright, 
I use to pass the STELLAR nights.

When all SLEEP, I ENJOY my life, 
Forget all PAIN inspite of all strife.
I love the stars, the grass and the trees, 
I wish this night never to CEASE.

Live Out Loud . . .

Live Out Loud

Scream or shout,
Just speak out,
Whatever you need to say,
It’s your life, your play.
Think of now and think it fast,
Empty your mind, forget your past,
Don’t dig up that dirt,
The memories that really hurt,
Just think of now,
And plan of how,
To make it interesting,
And be the king.
Man, just cry aloud,
Speak your heart out,
Scream, shout, just go mad,
Give a smile, it’s time to be bad,
World had killed a lot of good,
Try to be good, they surely would,
Dismantle and corrupt you,
So why wait? You should too,
Burn it, raise the heat,
Crush it under your feet,
Do the things you want to do,
No one should force you to,
Step in his shoes,
And make you loose,
Your identity, your name,
Remember, your life your game,
Jump up or roll on mud,
Be mature, don’t be a bud,
Rise up revolt and be free,
Let this barking world see,
What the thing you have been,
A destructor, a war machine,
Kill them or leave them your choice,
Speak up now, raise your voice,
Don’t be quite, just speak,
Let your voice touch the peak,
Let this tough world hear,
That the winner in you is here,
Pick up a gun,
fire it for fun,
its your life, live it your way,
kick the world, let them say,
forget your uncle, forget your aunt,
just do whatever you want,
do everything loud,
let your heart speak aloud,
just speak up what you feel,
rise up and show your zeal,
be different from the crowd,
my friend, just Live Out Loud . . .

10000, 50 and Me . . .

Live Out Loud

After a long time I am back on blogger. My busy schedule and weak financial condition were the reason of me not being posting anything on my blog and not reading and commenting on my favourite blogs and I am really sorry for this. During this period many things have changed in my life. After spending eighteen years of my life in Renukoot (a small town in UP), I am now out of the well to face the outer world. For pursuing my higher studies I am out in Lucknow all alone. After being away from my parents for quite a while I have come to know their real value. I am missing them a lot and my school life too. Lucknow has tought me many lessons. I have just learnt how to survive without TELEVISION and INTERNET. I now know how to save money (I get only about 9$ or Rs. 500 for the month, so saving money is very very important). So, now you know why I cant afford a internet connection. Kindly bear with me as I will not be as regular as before, from now on I will be slow and steady but will give more quality posts. And for my dear blogger friends I will read, comment and promote your indivines as soon as I get time and ofcourse money to spend sometime in cybercafe.

Yes, I forgot something. This post is quite speacial, this is FIFTIETH post on my blog. So I would like to share some cool things that recently happened in my life-
> My blog just completed TEN THOUSAND hits, first landmark for my blog.
> I have opted for my dream carreer, i.e. Animation
> I am no more a school boy. I am now in college named MAAC (Maya Academy Of Advanced Cinematics, Lucknow).
> I am now free to enjoy my life as I wish as I am  away from my parents.
> I have bought myself a cool laptop.
> Last but not the least, I finally posted something on my blog.

As I have just entered secound phase of my life, I will need all your wishes. So, if you like wish me best for my future. I would like to thank you for going through this boring and irrational post, blogging after a  really long time so I am quite exited and thus my mind is not working well :-P. Keep Visiting.

Something Awesome and a SORRY. . .

I was recently given the 'Awesome Blogger Award' by 'Nagini' of 'A Homemaker's Utopia' . This is my first award in the blogosphere. So, this means to me a lot. Awards are always meant to encourage people and push them to do better, and I promise to do better from now on. So, thank you Nagini, for this award !!!

Awesome Blogger award
According to The Awesome Blogger Award rules (as I got to know from posts of other winners) one has to:

> Display the award in his/her post.

> Thank the awesome blogger who generously passed it on to him/her.

> Share 7 random facts about him/her (the most difficult task according to me).

> Pass this on to 10 other Awesome bloggers and let them know that they've been awarded.

So, here is list of 7 random things about me-

1. I hate maths. According to me 'MATHS' means 'Mental Attack To Handsome Students'.

2. The two things I am afraid of are height and my DAD.

3. According to me winning is more important than participating.

4. I hate it when I have to take up corrupt ways coz I dont have any choice left.

5. I cant survive a single day without my mobile.

6. To me TV is life and Movie is oxygen.

7. I miss my friends more than my family.

These are some of my favourite blogs whom I would love to pass this award to ( got many but can list only 10 :-( ), all are worth reading. Check them out for sure.

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Now friends, Sorry for not going through and not commenting on your posts. I have been to a whole new city for higher studies where I have no desktop or laptop nor any kind of internet connection. I promise to become regular after I get my laptop. So, kindly bear till then . . .


Justice Justified . . . .

For a justice to be justified,
your thoughts have to be simplified.
To make a choice between two obligations,
truth and lies like dancing animations.
When your thoughts fight a lot,
to choose the good or to choose not.
Then pack up your complex mind,
and let your heart then find,
the truth in the truth,
the lie in the raising youth.
Only then you can do the justice,
when the truth you don't miss.
raise your voice and stand for good,
do everything, which you could.
Then the justice will be justified,
you complex mind now, Simplified . . . .

Recharge Tata Docomo prepaid card via Twitter

Now, Tata Docomo customers can recharge their prepaid card via Twitter

Tata Docomo
Tata Docomo has teamed up with micro-blogging site Twitter to launcha new initiative called Twittcom, that will allow its GSM Pre -paid customers to recharge and activate a Value added service/ application through Twitter.

Twittcom, has been developed indigenously by the team at Tata Teleservices Limited.

Commenting on the new service, Ritesh Ghosal, Head of Brand Marketing at Tata Teleservices Limited said, “As a brand, Tata DOCOMO has always differentiated itself with its Innovations, whether it is 1p/sec pricing for calls, or
advertising, efforts have always been made to add value to the lives of consumers. With the increasing consumption of Internet and the rise of social media it makes ample sense to be present on the medium where people are spending time at present or they are likely to spend time in the future. Our community on Facebook is amongst the strongest in the world and Twitter too will reach the same levels quite soon.”

To use Twittcom, Tata Docomo customers need to follow this simple process:

- Go to the Twitter handle of the company @tatadocomo, and type in #reg

- They will then receive a pin code for verification through SMS.

- Once the verification code is received, customers need to go to the twitter handle again, and key in #code . They will then get a retweet confirming registration.

- For activating value added services, customers need to go to the handle (@tatadocomo) and key in #act# . They will then get a twit back confirming activation of the service.

Pornstar to Actress . . .

Want to become a successful actor/actress ???

Ok then, go and become a pornstar or playboy. Then chances of your becoming a actor/actress will increase to a great extent.  Check out for yourself . . .

Regardless of what you think of porn as a form of entertainment I think we can all agree that the stars of the adult filmic universe are not known for their thespian abilities. Career ambition or simply chance, once an individual’s name is associated with the medium they surely have to place their mainstream film dreams aside. Aspirations to broaden their acting skills base must really be hampered when all they are known for is their ability to fornicate on cue. No matter the latent talent, I seriously can’t imagine too many TV casting agents willing to hire someone with Shaving Ryan’s Privates on their resume.

There does seem to be a shift in perception as more adult movie stars are slowly popping up in movies at your local neighbourhood cinema, clothes and all. Perhaps the greatest achievement so far was the casting of Sasha Grey by the one and only Mr. Steven Soderbergh to headline The Girlfriend Experience.

Ms. Grey is not alone as she is the culmination of years of hard work by numerous stars trying to be accepted by mainstream audiences. We have looked back at those porn stars who decided to break free from the confines of the genre that made them famous and aspire for more. For your reference we have included what films you may know them from, but if you’re curious about their back catalogue you’re on your own.

Sasha Grey

1. Sasha Grey
Where you may know her from: The Girlfriend Experience

Katie Morgan

2. Katie Morgan
Where you may know her from: Entourage and Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Sibel Kekilli

3. Sibel Kekilli
Where you may know her from: Head-on

Veronica Hart

4. Veronica Hart
Where you may know her from: Boogie Nights and Magnolia

Ashlyn Gere

5. Ashlyn Gere
Where you may know her from: The X-Files, Willard and The One

Ginger Lynn

6. Ginger Lynn
Where you may know her from: American Pie Presents Band Camp, 'Turn the Page' Metallica video clip and The Devil's Rejects

Jenna Jameson

7. Jenna Jameson
Where you may know her from: Zombie Strippers

Ron Jeremy

8. Ron Jeremy
Where you may know him from: Orgazmo, 54, The Boondock Saints, The Rules of Attraction and Crank: High Voltage

Traci Lords

9. Traci Lords
Where you may know her from: Cry-Baby, Blade and Zack and Miri Make A Porno

Sylvester stallone

10. Sylvester Stallone
No need to state where Sly is known for but few know that he got his start in soft-core porn. He sure has come a long way.

Sunny leone

11. Sunny Leone
You will see her in: Jism 2 - Coming soon in India

Say No To Corruption . . .

What is corruption ???

Corruption is one challenge being encountered by many nations in the world today. Good Governance would only prevail when the world comes to understand that ‘corruption’ needs only one man to soil an entire nation and therefore take a stand against it. It will only take one man to make our world today a better place for habitation if we have to live and practice good governance for a free and just society. Individuals, people and countries yell for transparency and accountability but in this effort, how far have we gone ??? Nowhere . . .

Is our education system to be blamed for corruption in the country ???

The curriculum taught does it have enough moral values or the students taking Moral Lesson classes just taking it as formality or is the education system in itself which doesn’t allow the future generation to develop right attitude.

The student’s concern is primarily focused on getting the marks because he wants to prove to his/her parents, to teachers and to the world, and in doing so the sore understanding of the principal behind the subjects is often forgotten, which ultimately leads to taking of shortcuts.

This foundation of shortcuts in schools and colleges teaches the student to take half measures in real life when he/she has come out of education system, now to get a job he bribes someone, to get a admission in higher education she bribes someone and the first floor of corruption is build.

We know that once a foundation is laid and first floor builded its relatively easy to take a further steps for the other floors of building and the result is a nation full of these corrupt buildings.

Is it time for us to check our education system and find out the flaws and rectify them for a corruption free nation.


Corruption we all know is not good and we also know that India has been ranked 87th by Transparency International in its Annual Report of 2010.

Is it because we are always in rush, busy in life and want the things at faster pace or we are so used to adopting negatives measures that we don’t see that poison of corruption is spreading so rapidly that one day it may damage the Nation to the extent from where we may not rise again.

Is it because every one wants fast money, lavish life, fancy cars and dream houses or we have lost the moral values as a society ?

We are wasting huge natural resources because of corruptible practices, Jungles are converted into industrial areas , farms into society buildings, the farmers are paid peanuts and builders enjoy the high returns !!!

Who is to be blamed for it ???

Are we right in blaming the politicians only for corruption in the country ?
or we the people of this great nation to be blamed for it ?

If the common man decides that he wont encourage and support corruption.

If he decides that no more bribery to the traffic police when he himself has broken the law by jumping a red light, honestly admits a penalty notice, the policeman would know that they have to change and say no to bribery.

When the police will decide that they will work honestly the smugglers and thief would be arrested and detained, not left after taking a heavy sum on money, than the smugglers would get a message for time to change and follow the right path.

Now when there would be no black money and only white money- politicians would not need a Swiss Account and big scams.

Now What ???

Say no to corruption
Whatever happens, our intrinsic dignity which is foundation of our human right must not be allowed to slip away from us. This dignity which is independent of any individual condition gives us the total mandate to self will and a life of choice. We must rise up today to responsible stewardship in our different leadership roles as ambassadors for change and say NO !!! to any form of corruption !!! It begins with ME, It begins with YOU !!! We all can make this commitment now !!! Say no to corruption ...

Let's say no to corruption ...

Roads . . . .

Two roads
Two roads, one to choose....
Which one I don't Know.
One I take, other I loose....
I stand there, my head low, 
Thinking hard, which one to take? 
One path so simple, so gay, 
The other one surely can make....
My journey hell, but it also may
Lead me to where I want, 
The world where I can enjoy my life, 
Where perhaps, the simple one can't
take me, or can make me strive....
At the end where it leads.
As beautiful is not always good, 
and no one generally pays heed, 
to the ugly one, which they should.
I am now left with no more time
to fulfill the purpose for which I am born, 
Taking the simple path will be acrime, 
so I choose the path, the one with thorns....

A Place We Can Go . . . .

Steps to heaven
The deeper part of the dark, 
Is when you cannot hear your heart.
Step by step you make amends,
choosing wisely, picking up friends.
Store bought tokens take you plans,
putting them in machines that make you dance.
What a country town that drags you down,
surrounded by people that makes you frown.
Speaking words that seem profound,
digging up dirt that should remain underground.
I am just a simple person that loves to lounge,
play the guitar and sing out loud.
But men try to crush me, tear me apart,
By snatching my tools and thrashing my heart,
Ditching my ways and putting up thorn,
Stepping on me and making me mourn.
I want to roam, I want to sing,
I want to fly spreading my wing.
Somewhere beyond life I want to reach,
A place where all rules I can breach.
Where I can be me and noone else,
where I can dance and sing as my heart tells.
A place where there is only light and no dark,
somewhere in this world I can hear to my heart.

My Drawing - A Girl . . . .

Beautiful Girl
A girl drawn by me, Its not so good but what to do, its my creation. So, I love it . . . .

How to make Windows 7 Bootable USB Pendrive

Many of us face a lot of problem when we have to reinstall windows on our computer or laptop. First thing we have to decide from where to install windows? The options available are DVD or USB Pendrive. In the latest new netbooks, mostly there is no DVD drive. So if you want to install windows you have to go with the other option, i.e. USB Pendrive. So here I give a brief and 100% tested tutorial on how to create a Windows 7 Bootable USB Pendrive to install Windows 7 from USB Pendrive.
First thing, you should check whether your BIOS supports booting from USB. Most of the computer/laptops support. But if your BIOS doesn’t, then sorry, you cannot boot from a USB Pendrive.
Second thing, you need another computer with Windows installed with a DVD drive, to copy its contents later.
So let us start with the procedure now:
1) Run command prompt (cmd). This can be done by clicking start and typing typing cmd in Windows 7. In Windows Xp, click on start and then click on run. Type cmd and run. This will open the command prompt which will look like this:
2) Then run diskpart utility from command prompt, by typing ‘diskpart’ on command prompt and pressing enter. This will run the diskpart utility in a separate windows, which is shown in 2nd picture below:
3) Now put in your pendrive in a USB port. Your pen drive must be atleast 4 GB, 8 GB pendrive is best for this purpose. Now go back to the diskpart console and type ‘listdisk’ and press enter. This will list the various storage devices available. You can see the size column of the disk and here we can see that ‘disk 2′ is our pen drive. Warning: In your computer it may be some other number. In our case it is ‘disk 2′.
4) Then you have to type ‘select disk 2′ and press enter. Note: in our case it is disk 2, in your case it may be disk 3, or disk 1 or any other number. You can enter ‘detail disk’ to see the details of the disk after selecting it to verify that you have selected the correct disk. You can see these steps in the image below:
5) Then you have to run a series of commands. The commands to be run in the order are:- clean
- create partition primary
- select partition 1
- active
- format fs=fat32
These steps are shown in the image below:
6) The format step will take some time. You can have a tea or coffee in the meantime and come back. After the format is complete you have to run ‘assign’ command. And after this you can exit diskpart utility by entering the ‘exit’ command. The steps are shown below:
- assign
- exit
- The image below shows all the steps taken from the first step:
7) After the format is complete, put in your original Windows 7 DVD in your DVD drive, or if you have an .iso image of the DVD, mount that image using any virtual drive software like Power ISO.
- Now go to My Computer, and open the contents of DVD Drive. Press ‘ctrl+a’ to select all contents and copy all the contents by pressing ‘ctrl+c’.
- Now go back to My Computer and open the USB Drive and press ‘ctrl+v’ to paste all the contents of DVD into the USB Disk.

8) When the copy finishes, you are done just remove the USB Drive safely and use it to install Windows 7 in your computer/laptop.

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